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Family TIES offers the following services…..

TRAINING – for professionals to enhance their understanding of children’s emotional health and well-being.

INTERVENTIONS – Group programmes and 1:1 work to promote and enhance children’s emotional health and well-being. This will include…


EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND WELL-BEING GROUP – This consists of six sessions which will be facilitated within the school setting on a weekly basis. The programme will focus on:-

Self Esteem/ Self Worth

Problem solving

Managing feelings

Behaviour management

The above programme can be tailored to meet the needs of the identified participants/children. Other areas of focus could be….

Loss and Separation

Conflict Management

Wishes and Feelings


The above group programmes can also be tailored to be delivered on a more intense 1:1 basis, this maybe appropriate for some children who could struggle within a group setting or individual needs have been identified.

EDUCATION AND SUPPORT – For the parents and carers of the children accessing the interventions to ensure the holistic whole family approach strengthens outcomes.

Throughout the duration of the intervention, contact will be made with the parents/carers of the participants to ensure any required support is identified and actioned.

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