Digital Discoveries in Crewe and Across Cheshire East

Digital Discoveries in Crewe and Across Cheshire East

Cheshire East is delighted to announce the launch of SHIFT – its brand new borough-wide programme celebrating digital arts and tech in 2017 and beyond. Featuring a jam-packed series of events and hands-on activities, from exhibitions, installations and workshops to talks, tech meet ups and pop-up maker stations – SHIFT is bursting full of inspiring and creative things to do, see, create and experience for novices and professionals alike, of all ages and abilities.

Whether you’re a code loving kid, a techie beginner or whizz, a family in search of something new or even a digital pro making the next award-winning app – these forthcoming events offer something for all across the region.

Discovering and experiencing the digital world in unique and surprising places is very much at the heart of SHIFT and with this in mind, its opening commission is the Premiere of Living Sculpture (Virtual), on Platform 6 at Crewe Station from Friday 10th March.

This digital and interactive installation has been created by award-winning, Liverpool based artist Laurence Payot who uses the public realm as a stage to make out-of-the-ordinary things happen. Through this brand new piece, the artist invites the visitor to interact with the art work to bring it to life. Fusing the traditional craft of drapery fabric and an old illusion technique, with coding and LEAP motion tracking, the artwork and the visitor come together to create a breathing piece of material. Two ‘players’ can interact with each other through the cloth, as it changes shape, texture, and colour. Interactive coded sound is also manipulated in the process.

Living Sculpture (Virtual), is the result of a two-year collaboration with evolutionary scientists at York University, exploring the symbiotic relationship between Laurence’s artworks and people.

SHIFT clicks into action for families from February half term with a family programme designed to inspire little people with big ideas and digital dreams. From February 20th both Crewe Library and Macclesfield Print Mill will run a fantastic and fun series of digital maker sessions, workshops and activities introducing new technologies to mini makers across Cheshire East. All sessions – including wearable tech, art with conductive ink and circuit making – will get brains buzzing and fingers flapping over keyboards, coding and crafts.   Additional themes for family half term events during the year include: future cities, transport and food; bio-hacking; e-textiles and ethical hacking.

Artists One Five West embark on an ambitious, interactive, community-led oral histories project in Bollington from 2-4 June. Tales of the Town brings together the artists with local anthropologist, Zak Tanaml and Bollington residents. Between them they are capturing local tales to be transformed into sacred storytelling objects created by the One Five West Collective, These will be displayed in different locations across the town centre, created and inspired by the natural landscape, people of the town, and local industry; such as cotton and lace, wood and wool. People walking in front of these objects will trigger sensor technology, and when activated the recorded stories will be played for those to hear. Join the artists at Bollington Arts Centre Family Day on June 3 to uncover the secrets behind their work.

SHIFT is delighted to join forces with The National Trust when a brand new digital art installation is launched at Little Moreton Hall – its iconic Tudor Mansion in Congleton – from 26 July. This brand new, site specific work will be created in response the property’s stunning building, setting, moat and manicured garden as part of the ‘Trust New Art’ Programme also funded by Arts Council England. This programme offers new interpretations of the charity’s historical properties and will also feature an accompanying events programme.

Several new works of art and installations will be launched throughout the SHIFT programme – sited throughout Cheshire East in public spaces, unused buildings and historical properties.  They have been invited and developed through an open call as well as in collaboration with the programme partners.

Digital discovery will take place right across the region throughout the coming year, offering everybody – from artists, tech professionals, schools, students, families and anybody in between – the opportunity to learn, take-part, have fun and uncover the wonders of all things tech. In partnership with FACT – the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool – SHIFT is delighted to announce its FUTURES PROGRAMME. This is a mobile maker space which will bring interactive activities to where they are least expected, from rural markets, to urban high street – making engagement with the digital world as accessible as possible. The programme will feature a mix of pop-in, drop-in sessions, coding and gaming workshops to more formal day long courses for students and professionals.

Kicking off at the Sandbach Transport Festival (22-23 April), FACT’s mobile maker platform will enable visitors to imagine the future of transport through hands-on activities. Throughout the spring and summer, the programme will visit Congleton, Crewe, and the Just So Festival at Rode Hall – offering a number of eclectic workshops from speculative design to future cities and more.

Full details of the FUTURES PROGRAMME and all the forthcoming SHIFT events – from talks, professional skills workshops, a symposium, dedicated schools programme and discovering how to get involved as a volunteer or host – visit the website:

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