Have you ever thought of being an Independent Carer?

Free Two day workshop

Independent Carers are delighted and excited to be working in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) to offer a Free two day workshop to anyone in the Cheshire and Warrington Area.

This entertaining two days will provide everything you need to become a self employed carer and enjoy the benefits of being in charge of your own work, your schedule and your own choice of clients.

We want to give control to carers in order that you can enjoy the benefits of being a self employed carer and those people in need of care, access your services directly.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions and would be delighted to welcome you on the programme.

Contact Us or talk to us on 01270 667150

About Independent Carers

Independent carers puts those in need of care in touch with independent, self employed carers.

Listen here to our story.

The idea for Independent Carers came from our recognition of the growing need for care and alternative services.  In a society where families are separated by geography and traditional networks of support don’t exist we wanted to put people in touch with each other.

We would like to help people find their own care, should they wish to.

We are passionate about raising the profile of the caring profession and passionate about providing better care for those that need it.

Therefore we are providing a platform for self employed Carers to …

  • be appropriately rewarded for their valuable work
  • give clients the choice and put you in control of your care
  • provide tools and guidance to become a self-employed carer
  • create a ‘go to’ site for both parties
  • provide information for both parties to make it work
  • highlight opportunities e.g. training, insurance, other providers
  • appeal to those who are very capable and professional but can’t afford to do it on the minimum wage

Why we are here

We want to give the support  and opportunity, to those who are dedicated to providing care. We want them to have the ability to become independent, so they can manage their career in care to suit their needs and the needs of those they care for.

From our experience, we know there is a need for helping independent carers have direct access to those in need of care.

We recognise that some who want care, need an easy way to find and contact carers who are able to work directly with them, due to their individual needs and care requirements.

We are aware that there are people out there who are already providing care for friends, neighbours and contacts in an informal capacity. There are those who have been unpaid carers for loved ones and may now find themselves in a position to find paid work, using their skills.

This platform can provide access to work and the opportunity to manage care in partnership with people in need.

What do we do?

For those in need of care……

All our carers have an enhanced DBS check unless otherwise stated.

We put those who need care in touch with professional, independent carers who want to provide a service, be flexible, earn a decent wage and have a direct, consistent relationships with those they care for.

You will be able to outline your care needs to potential carers and agree mutually beneficial arrangements.

We will make a suitable match for you and give you the appropriate contact details of the carer. You can then screen the experience of the carers in your area, to best fit your needs.  We provide guidance to help identify the best carer for you.

If you do not wish to interview potential carers, for a fee, Independent Carers will interview the selected carers on your behalf and provide a report for the client to make the final decision.

See our Our Service for Clients in need of care

If you are looking for care, register here, so we can help you to find an independent carer to suit your needs.

For Independent Carers……

We provide a platform for carers to present your profile to potential clients, to show your experience, skills, qualifications and expertise.

We will give you information and guidance to help you become an independent carer.

See our Services for Carers

What about safety?

We have thought long and hard about this, we do not want vulnerable people to be in danger.

All our carers have an enhanced DBS check unless otherwise stated.

We have provided information and guidance to ensure the right matches.
The responsibility will rest with the person who is engaging a self-employed carer to be vigilant and make all the checks necessary to ensure the carer is appropriate. We have provided a great deal of guidance for the process and a safety guide for information.

Contact Us or talk to us on 01270 667150

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